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Social Media is all about relationships. But do you know how to build good relationships between your company and your fans, clients or followers?

Here are 5 tips to humanize your company (I have read about them on Socialmediaexaminer):

1. Use your name

As my Social Media professor once told me, the company needs to be represented in Social media by a name, a human name. This name should appear on blog posts, tweets and on Facebook comments. This way the posted content will be humanized and it will be reliable for the audience.

2. Add a face

This means you should add a photo to the social media account. It's the same thing as it is with the name. It makes your content more "human" and it gives credibility. It gives the idea that there is a person behind the keyboards

and it could be created a personal relationship between that person and the audience.

3. Writing style

Now that people know your company is represented by a real person, they know how she or he looks like, they need to know something about the person, its personality. The writing style defines a person so the way you write will have to replace facial expressions, gestures, body language, face to face communication. Using a good style of writing will help you engage your audiences. This can be tough, but with lot of practice you will do great!

4. Listen

This is maybe the most important step. When you engage in communication with your fans, listen carefully to what they say not only about your brand but also about different other things, and pay attention on how they say it.

5. Determine why you are there

This means you have to state clearly what is your purpose of your strategy and why you are engaging in social media. Your goals will show you the way to a great content that will attract many followers, and your work won't be in vain.

What do you think? Is your company using social media properly?

Inspiration source: Socialmediaexaminer
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